Vane Type Pneumatic Actuators,Actuators
Vane Type Pneumatic Actuators
Vane Type Pneumatic Actuators
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Valve Assembly not getting operated -
Check Pneumatic Pressure (minimum 80 psig) available
Check solenoid coil.
Check Valve mounting in pipeline.
Check direction of solenoid Valve.
Check manual override switch position of Solenoid Valve.
Check FRL unit with proper lubrication oil for Solenoid Valve.
If all above points found okay, remove actuator from Valve Assembly. Check Valve independently whether it is jammed or not. If Valve found okay, check Actuator with proper spanner for manual movement, if it is found okay give air supply and check pneumatic movemnt of Actuator.
If Actuator and valve found okay independently then alignment of Valve and Actuator is to be cecked. Bracket, coupling and other hardware to be checked for proper alignment.

After attending above points if still the problem remains unsolved, please Contact Us



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